Woocmmerce Shopsystem

Bring your business online.

There For You

Even after your online shop is set up, we won’t leave you out in the rain. Our support helps if there is a problem. Our maintenance and hosting plans guarantee smooth operation.

Attractive design

Customers should have a shopping experience. It is important to make the preparation visually appealing and to make it easy to use.

Low costs

WordPress CMS and Woocommerce shopsystem are open source products and therefore license-free. The running costs of your online shop can thus be kept low.

Key Features

An extract from the most important features and extensions of our shop kit.

Easy Payment

The customer journey should be easy and the payment system should be simple for you and your customer. That's why we support a variety of online payment services and simple gateway solutions.


Webservices should work on all devices that's why all our themes and stylings are fully responsive on all devices.

Quality Assurance

We have many years of experience in web developing and theme design. We guarantee a slick, flat and professional programmed code.

SEO optimized

It is important that people can simply find you on the web. The first and most important step to archive that goal is to make your content SEO friendly. We hand optimize your products to generate a solid base for your online and social advertising activities.

API Connection

Even though it is possible to use woocommerce as an online inventory system a lot of companys already have a system running. We built connections between your online shop and existing stock system.

Customer Support

If you operate a shop system, you need support on a regularly basis. We offer telephone support during office hours, E-Mail support and have service plans ready to keep your infrastructure updated and restorable.


When you are making money over the internet, you want to keep your infrastructure as secure as possible. We do everything that all attacks on your web environment run into empty space, but also offer 24/7 website monitoring.


Most of the time you want your online shop to perform as many task on his own. This includes to send E-Mails and PDF invoices automatically to inform your customer on the status of the order.


Wouldn't it bee nice to directly print a shipping label and give and shipping order to the parcel service. We integrate direct parcel service connections also with auto packaging function possibility.

We are a Vienna based webdesign and web development company specialized in WordPress CMS and Woocommerce shopsystem.


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